Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's a Good Saturday!

Saturday is here! Time is flying by, but I may get this done yet.

I was able to get more quilting done this afternoon. I watched a Christmas movie - yes, a Christmas movie. Actually, watched 2. I enjoy the Hallmark Movie Channel and have been seeing some old movies as well as newer movies. The first one I watched had Barbara Stanwick in it and I've always loved her movies.

I have completed the one block I worked on yesterday. I also got 2 sashing sides done. It's really coming along great.

Still having help with working on this quilt. I just love this photo and since I didn't take any new photos, I'm posting this one again.

We have been talking about what to do with Christmas this year. Not getting very far with that.

I'm still have issues with my shoulder, and today was not a good day. I'm in pain but I'm stopping whatever it is that makes it hurt so it doesn't get worse. I just hope I behave tomorrow bowling! I'm on the travel league tomorrow as well as my Sunday night bowling. I need to keep my shoulders straight too! Wish me luck. Good thing the shoulder that hurts is on the right side. If it was left, I'd really be in trouble.

I was thinking today that I need to get a couple of blocks done. I need to do a block for Christmas and I need to make a basket block for a friend. So, I've got plenty I need to do, but this quilt is on the top of my list. If all goes well I should have it finished by the first part of December. I'm hoping! Wish me luck. With mom's help I should make it. I keep being Happy Quilting!

Family Is Starting To Arrive

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