Friday, November 7, 2014

Quilting Day....Good Progress

Today I was ready to go walking, but my walking partner wasn't around. So, went to play cribbage instead.

Came back home and got all my stuff ready to go to moms. We had 7 of us showing up. I left after an hour to go to my physical therapy. When I got back, half of them had left. I was so surprised to see half of them already gone. My appointment was at 11:45 am and I was back to mom's by 12:40 pm. Go figure.

Mom helped me work on the quilt. She actually got a block done. I only got about 2/3's of a block done. I'm hoping to get it done tonight. We counted 17 blocks done when I was over there, and then counted the 2 we did today - so I'm at 19. I just need to go around the blocks with the sashing design now, and then get back on the blocks. I have about 10 sashing areas to work on. Then I can get back to the blocks. It works with mom on one side of the quilt and me on the other. I was surprised to find that I quilt almost as fast as she does. But then I don't spend near the amount of time on quilting that she does. I tend to do other things in the mean time.

My newsletter from the Applique Society arrived today. I'm thrilled to see Jeannie Austin patterns in it. I noticed they are looking for nominations for board members and officers. I hope more TAS members will put in for the positions. If a couple members are off the board, then I will try to get back on. It's a wait and see progress. I wish them all the best.

Yesterday was another day of quilting. Got a block done and got sashing done as well. Things are good going with the quilt. Making great progress. Today everyone was Happy Quilting!

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