Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting Ready for the Holidays

It's been busy the last few days. Between Christmas parties and getting the house ready for the holidays, I'm getting tired of all the work! lol

We put the tree up today, went through all the ornaments, and divided up some of the older ornaments for the kids. We must have emptied 2 or 3 boxes of Christmas stuff, to put it all back and find out it didn't help with the room down there. Ugh. I went simple today. I'll take photos later.

I was working on my gift for the party tomorrow. I overstuffed the pincushions and ended up taking them apart and re-sewing them up. I haven't had a great time with getting ready for the party. I can't believe the trouble I was having. But, hay, that's life.

I used to make a lot of these, and for some reason I forgot what I was doing. I just wish I had better buttons to put on it. The runner under the pincushions is one I made when I was working on the "Master Quilter" program with The Embroiderer's Guild. While I was doing it, I found they had judges that were judging on color choices, and whether or not they liked my piece. So, after getting half way through the program I called it quits. If I even join back up, I can continue, but doubt I will.

I cut out the pieces for the Santa block I wanted to do for the blocks. I got it out of a Fons and Porter magazine. I'm not crazy about the pattern, but I thought I would try it out. Not happy with the way it turned out and if I had more time, I would redo it. But since it needed to be done by tomorrow, I was stuck.

I need to remember to take my camera to the party tomorrow.

Now I can work on getting the quilt done. Right now Charlie is sleeping on it. LOL

The wind has been blowing like crazy around here. Our swing set on the deck has been knocked over. I'm betting there will be a few sticks out in the yard, if not branches. It's been blowing like crazy, and a few times the light was flickering. Luckily we haven't lost the power yet. We brought out the candles, so maybe that helped with the power staying on! You know how it goes, if you don't have candles handy, then the power goes out. When you know where the candles are and are ready to pull them out, power stays one. At least that's the way it goes at our house.

Hopefully this weekend I can get my Christmas letter done. If not, I'll just sign the cards and send one message to each person. I really need to get busy with the letter. Wish me luck!

I'll be back in a couple days. Still trying to behave, and take a break with my shoulder. I'm hoping the doctor will help fix the problem so I can post daily again....I can hope! I'm hoping and trying to be Happy Quilting!


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