Monday, December 29, 2014

Patrick's Quilt

I put the quilt out on the bed to see how it would look. It's not as big as I thought it was, but mom made this top years ago, and just finished quilting it in November. She's a lot quicker than I am at quilting. She was quilting this quilt while I was working on my mother-in-laws quilt.

You can seem my Inner City quilt under this one. But this is the quilt that mom hand quilted and gave to Patrick.

Hopefully tomorrow I can take a photo of mom's quilt and get it in the mail by Wednesday. I need to wash it before I ship it. Patrick helped me with a label and I'm going to go print it out here when I'm done writing this.

Mom started on another quilt already. She's also been working on another quilt top as well. She called to tell me she sewed 20 blocks together. She also said something about having enough fabric to make two quilts, and that I could have one too. Since we have mixed the fabrics together, it's both our fabrics, so I'm thinking she thinks I need another top or two out of it. I'm going over on Wednesday to do some cutting for squares. We'll see how it goes.

Charlie has been keeping my lap warm and she is like a little baby! I have to wrap my arms around her to do the binding. At this point, I'm not complaining. Patrick keeps tell me to put her down but if I did, she would get back up there, and we would be doing that all night. She has a thing for my lap. Funny, she never did before. Wish Katt was around, she'd keep Charlie busy.

Let hope I get this done tonight and be back to the Hawaiian quilt! I'm Happy Quilting!

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