Friday, December 5, 2014

Quilting Day....

Today was quilting at mom's house. I took the last two days off from quilting because of the shoulder. I'm still have pain, but I'm getting tired of the shoulder acting up.

Went to mom's house for quilting today. Arrived about 10 am, and everyone was already there. It used to start at 10 am, but lately everyone is showing up at 9 am. So, I guess the next time we meet I will be leaving early. UGH. Parking isn't the best either. Some of the group wants to go back to potluck-ing again when they meet on Fridays. I'm against it, so I guess when they meet in the new year I'll be leaving at lunch time. It worked out so much better when we were brown bagging it. Two of us can't eat some foods, and everyone seems to forget when they bring food. That's okay, I'll just come home and work on my stuff when I get home. We are doing a potluck at our next meeting and not gifts. They didn't want to do any exchanges, so it's just a meeting day.

Mom had half the border done when I got there. I worked on the two borders that were there. I need to do four more sashes. I have one more block and then it's done. I need to "outline" the sashing edge. I'm hoping to get a lot done this weekend, but have a feeling Patrick is going to pull another busy weekend on me. I still need to work on my quilt room.

I saw my Hawaiian quilt in the other room and can't wait to be working on that again. I still need to do the binding and part of the border.

All this, and I have to "take it easy" for my shoulder. It's driving me crazy! I want to get moving on this quilt and I have two blocks to make for the two Christmas Parties. So, as you can probably tell on this blog, I'm not happy.


See you in three days......

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