Friday, December 26, 2014

Wonderful Holiday

As I sit here watching the TV and enjoy Charlie next to me, if not on top of me, I'm very thankful for this Holiday. Christmas turned out to be one of our best.

Today, I sat and worked on the quilt. I've gotten another side of the border done. I'm on the last one now.

We played games with the folks last night. It was like always before, Patrick won. Guess it helps when your the score keeper. lol

I don't know what is up with the camera on my phone, but I wasn't have very good luck with the color.

This is our "grandchild" Zeva. She's a kick. She loves attention from Patrick.

Okay, back to today. I chatted with a few family members today. Guess my phone sent off a message to a couple family members saying I called them. Didn't call anyone today though.

I'm almost finished with mom's quilt. My mother worked on the binding last night. She even called me today to see if I finished the quilt. (Laughing), no mom, I didn't finish the quilt. I did get the last corner done. I'm working on it, and when I need a break, I pull my tablet out and play for a few minutes and then go back to quilting.

Today is the day for relaxing. Patrick worked, but I enjoyed having the day to myself. I'm enjoying the process of getting the quilt done. I'm really going to miss not working on it. But I will be thrilled to get it out in the mail to Patrick's mom. I just hope she likes it as much as I loved working on it. Just wish I could have made the deadline. I sometimes think it was my own fault that I didn't make the deadline, as I have a hard time letting go of a quilt I've been working on. And YET I'm still Happy Quilting!

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