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Happy New Year to ALL!

I wish you all a happy New Year! Best wises for a great new year, and may it be better than this last year!

Last night I went back to quilting on the Hawaiian quilt. I'm getting there. I need to finish 2 borders and then it's done!

Today I went to my Physical Therapist, and he wants me to go back and get an MRI done on my shoulder.  UGH

Before and after PT, I was at mom's and we started working on a quilt top together.

We grouped 9 blocks ready for sewing.

This is half the block that we did. It went really fast, and it's really easy. Mom saw a friends quilt that had this pattern and she wanted to do one to.

This is the stack of two that were completed. We actually got 4 blocks done by the time I went home. Mom had to be at a friends house at 3 pm, so we didn't get a lot of time working on this between PT and lunch. I did go early this morning.

I also dropped off my dau-in-law's gift that didn't get here in time. I hope she likes it. So, I'm going bowlin…

Honey Bee Quilt - FINISHED!!

Today I went to the Mt. St. Helen's quilt group and finished off the last of the binding on the Honey Bee Quilt.

Came home and finished checking all the quilt to see if there was any places I might have missed. I did quilt in three places. I had basting threads that needed to be removed.

Washed the quilt! Dried the quilt! And put it on the bed....woo hoo! It's done! I'm so excited to have this quilt done! It's about 4 days late to get to mom, but Patrick is boxing it up and getting it ready to ship. I hope she loves the quilt as much as I love finishing it!

I even put a label on it! - Yes, me, I put a label on the quilt....most be one of about 3 labels I have put on my quilts,,,,,and yes, I know, you REALLY need to put labels on quits. I'm working on it.

It's a simple label, as Patrick edited it. Think he didn't like all the stuff I put on it! LOL - You should have seen him working on it. Took longer than I did figuring out how he wanted it. Then when I pri…

Patrick's Quilt

I put the quilt out on the bed to see how it would look. It's not as big as I thought it was, but mom made this top years ago, and just finished quilting it in November. She's a lot quicker than I am at quilting. She was quilting this quilt while I was working on my mother-in-laws quilt.

You can seem my Inner City quilt under this one. But this is the quilt that mom hand quilted and gave to Patrick.

Hopefully tomorrow I can take a photo of mom's quilt and get it in the mail by Wednesday. I need to wash it before I ship it. Patrick helped me with a label and I'm going to go print it out here when I'm done writing this.

Mom started on another quilt already. She's also been working on another quilt top as well. She called to tell me she sewed 20 blocks together. She also said something about having enough fabric to make two quilts, and that I could have one too. Since we have mixed the fabrics together, it's both our fabrics, so I'm thinking she thinks I n…

Sewing the Binding!

I was able to finish quilting on the quilt yesterday. It's really looking great! I did find a couple places that I need to finish the quilting, but it's very little. One of the bees body doesn't have the quilting around the outside and another has a small section missing too.

Today I spent the day sewing on the binding. I started some of the binding yesterday. Part of the binding is completely done, but there is still more to do.

It feels good to be this close. I'm hoping we can get this in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday, and that all depends on me. We worked on a label, which I will print out tomorrow and wash it to have it soft enough to sew on the back.

I'm hoping my mother-in-law likes this. Patrick said it's her colors and she'll love it. I can keep my fingers crossed.

We bowled tonight and won 3 of 4 games. It's a new quarter so we can try to win this quarter. lol When this quilt is done, I'll be pulling out the Hawaiian quilt again and get …

Wonderful Holiday

As I sit here watching the TV and enjoy Charlie next to me, if not on top of me, I'm very thankful for this Holiday. Christmas turned out to be one of our best.

Today, I sat and worked on the quilt. I've gotten another side of the border done. I'm on the last one now.

We played games with the folks last night. It was like always before, Patrick won. Guess it helps when your the score keeper. lol

I don't know what is up with the camera on my phone, but I wasn't have very good luck with the color.

This is our "grandchild" Zeva. She's a kick. She loves attention from Patrick.

Okay, back to today. I chatted with a few family members today. Guess my phone sent off a message to a couple family members saying I called them. Didn't call anyone today though.

I'm almost finished with mom's quilt. My mother worked on the binding last night. She even called me today to see if I finished the quilt. (Laughing), no mom, I didn't finish the quilt. I d…

Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas Day was wonderful. Katt called and woke her dad up at 8 am. We chatted with her for awhile. We then went to Phil and Emily's for Christmas with them. Had a blast. Even Zeva (dog) had a good time. It was funny though, both Emily and I gave each other scissors!

We came home and my parents came over. We had Christmas again. Mom gave Patrick a quilt. I hid it in the back room yesterday, so he didn't know there was a bigger package waiting for him.

I took this with the tablet and it didn't do a good job of focusing. He kept moving and this tablet doesn't seem to stop the fuss.

Mom and I went downstairs and cut some squares for her quilt she's going to make. We cut out 2 1/2" squares from the solid fabrics. I got the binding cut out and ironed it in half. We then came upstairs and I quilted on my mother-in-laws quilt while mom worked on the binding. After supper, we played games, and then worked on the quilt again.

Mom fell asleep. She did get a lot of the…

Oops....Planned My Day.....

Yesterday I forgot, and planned my day. After cribbage, came home and worked on moms quilt and watched Christmas shows. Planned on working on the quilt all day......bad idea! My son came over in the afternoon. The phone ran several times, and my afternoon was gone.

I worked on the quilt last night and got close to the corner. That cirner was #2. So i can say one side was finished.

I baked a Scandinavian Almond Bread last night. One of my favorite. I also made another one tonight to give to mt physical therapist for putting up with me. Lol

Today I worked on the quilt all afternoon and am close to my 3rd corner.  Looks like this quilt won't be done by Christmas but I'm still going to try. Lol

May you be happy and Merry this holiday. I'm still going to be Happy Quilting!

Getting Closer!

I've been trying to get more done on this quilt for my mother-in-law! I'm getting closer! But still need another day or two before the quilting is done. I guess I can say it will be done before Christmas, but it won't be in the mail for Christmas time, dang!

Mom had the border (bigger flower) done on Friday. So, yesterday and today I've been quilting the "lines" on the black border.

I reached one corner so far. I've gotten at least one side done. The lines were started in the middle of one border, and I went around to the first corner, and am about 20" from the second border with the quilting. Once that is done, I will be putting the binding on.

This morning I tried a "new thing" with my cinnamon buns. I make cinnamon buns once in awhile around here. Patrick loves his buns on weekends, but I do it about once a month because we don't need all that "sweets." We watched TV the other day with "Alton Brown" who was making…

When Will I Learn! - Don't Plan For Anything!

Yesterday was another one of those days I planned out. Yea, I made a mistake by planning my day! I got up, went and played cribbage next door, and then headed to mom and dads. I took the quilt with me so mom could help me with the border. I arrived early, waited about an hour before we got the quilt out and started working on it. Then it was time for me to go to my physical therapy. That went well, sore, but well. Got back to mom's house, and had lunch. Well, that's where plans went way off track! I was chewing on my lunch when I felt some hard pieces in my mouth. My tongue then finds a hole in my tooth. UGH! I called the dentist and was told to come in at 3 pm which was about 45 mins from the time I called. Great! No quilting! At least the blocks are quilted and done.

I arrived at the dentists, and waited about 30 mins to get in. As I'm sitting there, pictures are taken for my insurance company. The dentist comes in, and says my filling took part of my tooth out and I nee…

Busy Holiday Season!

I'm back for awhile. Yesterday I went to the doctors and got a shot in my shoulder to help with the pain. It was awesome when he told me to move my arm around. At least that helped for about 2 hours and then the pain was still there. I have physical therapy tomorrow. So, I'm putting ice back on my arm. The doctor told me that he may need to do a MRI on my shoulder. Possible surgery, and not going there!

The Christmas Party with the Thursday group was a lot of fun. Ended up with fabric, but not colors I work with. No worries, we have blocks that we do, so can use them for that. I won the Coke Bear that is a speaker!

The Christmas Party for bowling was fun. That was Sunday for the travel league. I bowled a 211. I also won some hot pads, tree decorations, and wash clothes. We bowled on Sunday night and I bowled a 258, missing a 600 series of 599.

We have been busy with buying gifts. I've been buying and saving money at the same time. I like the eBates, as I've been gettin…

Getting Ready for the Holidays

It's been busy the last few days. Between Christmas parties and getting the house ready for the holidays, I'm getting tired of all the work! lol

We put the tree up today, went through all the ornaments, and divided up some of the older ornaments for the kids. We must have emptied 2 or 3 boxes of Christmas stuff, to put it all back and find out it didn't help with the room down there. Ugh. I went simple today. I'll take photos later.

I was working on my gift for the party tomorrow. I overstuffed the pincushions and ended up taking them apart and re-sewing them up. I haven't had a great time with getting ready for the party. I can't believe the trouble I was having. But, hay, that's life.

I used to make a lot of these, and for some reason I forgot what I was doing. I just wish I had better buttons to put on it. The runner under the pincushions is one I made when I was working on the "Master Quilter" program with The Embroiderer's Guild. While I …

One Party Down

Today was our Christmas Party with the Mt. St. Helens group. It turned out pretty good. I did win one "Quilto" game and I did the gift exchange.

Yesterday I worked on the block for the exchange. I didn't win the blocks, but my dad's cousin's ex-wife did. So, I guess you can say it was in the family.

I designed the block, so it had a few more pieces then I realized. That's okay, because it still got done. It took me a little longer than I hoped, but I'm not complaining.

The ribbon,  I think I would do a little differently next time. The "bow tie" area doesn't show and I think I would rather do the background color on the "bow tie" area.

This was the end result. It's not perfect, but it turned out better than I expected. There really wasn't room to lower the one ball more. I would piece the "top" of the ball first on the bottom ornament, then put the top ornament over it. As they say, "You live and learn."

Just Can't...Take It Easy!

I have been busy. Not with quilting, but with everything else. I have two blocks I need to do, and one is due on Tuesday.

So, I just can't take it easy any more. It's not in me to be lazy and relax, actually I CAN'T relax. Never could. Even my PT tells me to relax, but I tense up too quick and easy. My arm is letting me know it's there, but I'm going to get stuff done anyway.

Had to show you some of my trip. This was taken on the way to Las Vegas. There were people standing right next to the horseman, so I cut them out - or at least tried.

Patrick waiting on us. lol

This is only a part of what I've been doing. This is SOME of the fabrics I have that are fat quarters and a little bigger. Plus my bolt of black fabric.

Started cleaning up my area, and it's looking a lot better. Found a few things I was looking for, but still looking for some others. I know I have them together, so not too worried.

My cutting board area is getting cleaned up as well. I like hav…

Quilting Day....

Today was quilting at mom's house. I took the last two days off from quilting because of the shoulder. I'm still have pain, but I'm getting tired of the shoulder acting up.

Went to mom's house for quilting today. Arrived about 10 am, and everyone was already there. It used to start at 10 am, but lately everyone is showing up at 9 am. So, I guess the next time we meet I will be leaving early. UGH. Parking isn't the best either. Some of the group wants to go back to potluck-ing again when they meet on Fridays. I'm against it, so I guess when they meet in the new year I'll be leaving at lunch time. It worked out so much better when we were brown bagging it. Two of us can't eat some foods, and everyone seems to forget when they bring food. That's okay, I'll just come home and work on my stuff when I get home. We are doing a potluck at our next meeting and not gifts. They didn't want to do any exchanges, so it's just a meeting day.

Mom had ha…

Bad News, But Not That Bad

Today was my day for Physical Therapy. After getting filled in on Flo, and winning one game of cribbage, I headed to moms.

While at mom's I marked the border of the quilt for her to quilt. She was quilting while I was at Physical Therapy.

Now the bad news, my right shoulder is not improving, and I've also got the tendinitis in my elbow. I have the possibility of a "frozen shoulder." I can't reach behind my back. So, I found out, even though I'm left handed, I have been using my right hand way too much. I realized I was reaching and moving things with my right hand more than using my left hand. Why, I have no clue. But I do know I grew up in a right handed house. So, in talking with my physical therapist, I found out that using my fingers to quilt have not been helping the issue. He knows I want to get the quilt done by Christmas, and his comment was that once it's done I need to take a break to get my arm back in shape. I also use my fingers to type on my…

Day of Quilting...Or At Least Tried

Today started out behind. Ruth was waiting at the corner for me to show up and she was 10 mins early again today. So I made her wait for me. She keeps blaming her dog Willie. lol  Hate it when she gets early, 'cause I can't eat breakfast before I go.

I went to play cribbage next door to find out Flo ended up in the hospital (emergency) and Art told me he and his daughter don't think she will be coming home. Looks like the cancer has taken a hold of her and it doesn't look good at all. I pray for her, and I know she's in pain. She was talking about how she wanted to be around with her gr grandchildren and go to their graduation. Unfortunately I don't think that is going to happen. I was going to take flowers over to her today, but Art never did call and tell me what her room was. Patrick said Art was home when he came home, and that makes me wonder if she's still okay.

I don't have photos to share today, so I decided I needed some "color" in th…

Back On Schedule

Charlie was waiting for me this morning. I went out the front door this morning for walking. We walked in 12 degree weather. Ruth must be crazy to want to walk when it's that cold, but we took a short walk. I then went next door to see my neighbor for cribbage. Found out his wife isn't doing very well. She's got more cancer in her liver and now it looks like it's in the bones. We need to pray for her. She's still thinking positive and still has her humor, but it's getting harder for her to do that. She's 68 years old, and smokes, but now I'm thinking she finally quit when she found out she had it in the liver. She was going to the doctors today, but after I got home, the ambulance showed up. Not sure if they took her, but I'm betting they did. I can just hope she's doing okay. I won two games out of three.

Then I headed over to mom's with the quilt, hoping to work on the quilt with her. She had her prayer group there, so I went on to my phys…