Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day of Applique

The day started out early and went really well. I started the laundry to get it caught up again. After that, I wasted some time playing games. After that, it was a busy day.

Before I talk about today, I thought I would show everyone how far I've gotten on the baby afghan. I was a little off in a couple areas, but I fixed that. I worked really hard on getting a lot done last night, that my shoulder hurt all night last night. I need to give it a break for about a day or two before I work on it again.

Now back to today. I had a quiet day, with Charlie. I was able to get moving on the blocks I really, really want to get done.

I finished the flower and the leaves on this side. I need to add the circle in the middle of the flower and then I'll have this part done. I'm looking forward to being done with this block.

I had the same problem with the flower on this block that I had on the other one. As I looked the block over, I realized it needed a lot more leaves. So, I added the two above and decided to add another one on this side. I need to finish this leaf, and then I can do the circle on the flower. Once that's done, I think I will call it good.

Not real crazy about the way it looks right now, and may still add another leaf on the right side. I'm not liking the way the leaves look, but it doesn't look too bad. I think I will add another leaf, I'm thinking as I type this. lol

I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow. The block for the group will be done tomorrow as well. Then I can get working on my other baskets and my Baltimore Liberty blocks again.

I was chatting with my roomy for the Retreat today and I'm thinking of making some star blocks for the QOV quilts. I want to do at least one if not two at the retreat this year. I'm also hoping to put together some other blocks as well. I may pull out the butterfly blocks that are done and figure out what I want to do on that one as well. Then there is Katt's black and white quilt she wants. So, I will cut out more black and white squares for her to look over. There I go again, thinking of WAY TOO many projects. I seriously need to get thinking of one thing and work on one thing only! Yea, right, don't think that is going to work. My mind keeps going a hundred miles an hour of the different projects I have going! I need to finish them all!! Yea, right, don't see that happening either......maybe. Think positive.....I can do project at a time.....or maybe not, or maybe it will. Oh, crap, I'll figure this out later.

Yep, that's the way my mind works. I'm not planning on finishing the blocks tomorrow, because we all know what happens when I plan things, but I can hope. In the meantime, Happy Quilting!


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