Monday, March 9, 2015

Funny How One Thing Leads To Another!

Today I slept in. I was having one of those nights where sleep did not come easily. I moved and my shoulder told me "'faird not!"

I went and played cribbage - winning all three games. That did help my spirits though! Then I walked down to Ruthie's house to see how she's doing. At 84 years old, she had both her knees replaced. She was home earlier than expected. And she wasn't complaining about the pain or having to do the exercises. She's awesome! She's going great getting around. When I arrived, she was sleeping and I chatted with her granddaughter/nurse. She was cleaning her house! The kitchen looked awesome! We chatted about the mess and how she couldn't believe the grandchildren living with Ruth let it get that bad. So......I got home, looked at MY kitchen, and said, "time to clean!"

Yep, I cleaned. I cleaned all afternoon! I wiped down the cabinets, then polished them. I took one side at a time. I cleaned the refrigerator, dishwasher, and even cleaned out the refrigerator. Once that was done, I did the other side of the kitchen, mopped the floor. In other words - the WHOLE kitchen. I waited to see if Patrick noticed, and yes he did. He asked me what all I did, and I told him to tell me. He listed things off, and I kept saying, "keep going." He got them all.

The funny part about it, he saw a couple runs from the polish and wiped that down, then going to another spot and wiping that down. I was sure I had that all covered lol. Then I was putting the curtains that I cleaned, back on the rod. He was watching the whole time. I said, "here you go," and he didn't blink an eye, he put them up. LOL Usually he's the cleaner. He has been known to go behind me and "fixing" what I did wrong. I asked if he saw anything I did wrong, and he said, he wasn't going there. lol  He was really surprised and happy that I did. He even commented on the table cloth and runner I put on the table. So, I can say, I even surprised myself!

I remember the time when I would go down at 7 am to Ruth's and she had been up for hours. She would have her cleaning done! She would do several loads of laundry and tell me all about what she had already done. I would come home and clean for a couple hours before I did anything else. I do miss those days! I would feel "guilty" if I hadn't cleaned when she had. Since the grandchildren moved into her place, the cleaning wasn't allowed to be done early, so I didn't get the "report" on what she did. Today was a great push in that direction.

Yesterday was a full day of bowling. We had travel league yesterday, and bowling was in Morton, WA at 11 am. With the time change, it didn't help. We had about 45 mins to get ready to go by the time we got up. Morton is a good 45 mins away. We were early, and that was okay. I bowled pretty good, but not as good as I would have liked. Then we came home, relaxed for a couple hours and then headed to bowling here in town. I bowled a little better, getting a 212 game finally at the last game.

Spring is here! I love the new starts, but my sinus' don't. It's really pretty outside lately. Looks like we are going to have rain in the end of the week. Might help out with getting water in the lakes. 

So, when it came down to what I did today, it would be one thing leading to another. Now I just need to do that in quilting and I may get a quilt done! Tomorrow is another day, and I PLAN to be Happy Quilting~


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