Friday, June 26, 2015

A Day At Moms

Today was a fast day. I started out with having to run errors. I must have stopped at about 5 places before heading to moms.

I must have brought 3 bags full of fabric to work on my applique as well! I took my computer and tablet with me as well. One never knows what will happen at moms. I had planned on stay all day, and Patrick would come over after work to eat. So, I knew I would be there all day. Sometimes things don't work out as one hopes, so I was prepared.

I started out with the blocks that needed more basting added to it.

QOV block

Since the applique was done on here, I added the brown for the feathers.

Baltimore Liberty Quilt by P3 Designs

Then I worked on basting some fabric on here for applique work to get done. I'm thinking of making the middle firecracker with blue and white stripes. I'm still thinking about what the star will be.

QOV block

I started appliqueing the ribbon (gold fabric) on. It's going quick and easily. I was working on this, but I also went for a walk with dad. So, I really didn't get as much done as I could have. I also helped mom when I got there. She gave me a stack of fabric she had that was mine. I had completely forgotten about it.

We had a good time. Ethel came over and stay all day as well. So, there was a lot of chatter going on as well as applique. We were laughing at how it was like having our Friday meetings but with less people.

I'm going to work on these pieces tonight and see where it gets me. I'm going to try and get more one on the liberty quilt block as well. Happy Quilting!

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