Friday, June 19, 2015

A Meeting Day!

Today I did the usual, walking, cribbage, and then off to a meeting. Guess the meeting part isn't usual, but it's close. I go do meeting more often then I ever did. Monday is our embroidery day, so I'll be off for that as well.

The meeting today was at moms. Mom was showing the pattern she got for me that I gave back to her. A couple of them asked if I was going to make the quilt, and I told them no, not since she shared it with everyone before she gave it to me. I gave it back. They couldn't understand why I did that. I told them I don't like working on something, sharing the pattern, then that person finishes it before I do. Mom made the comment that it was because I was mad at her for taking my Christmas quilt and finished it before I even started it. In some ways, yes, but that's not the reason. I just feel like quilters who found a pattern they really like, work on it, and then share what they are doing, wouldn't appreciate the fact that that person finished the quilt first. That person gets all the awes, ohs, etc., while the first person gets comments like, "Isn't that the quilt so-and-so made?" "Did you get the pattern from so-and-so?" I'm selfish in that way. I think someone that finished a quilt, can then give the pattern away for someone else. Why give it away while they work on it? And why listen to people say how so-and-so did such a good job or found an awesome pattern. It's different when two people on the internet are working on the same one. I only feel that way when it's in the same groups. There are too many group members who copy others.

I worked on Phillip's quilt today. I started the 5th block. I've got about 1/3 of it quilted. The blocks go fast enough and if I keep going with this quilt it will be done before I know it. It's one of those UFO's that needed to be finished. I can't wait to add that to the "finished" pile! I'm happy at how much I've been getting done! It's fun to see project that where started years ago, getting done.

Last night I finished block #14. Now I have 13 blocks done. They are coming along great! I'm having fun. I marked this months blocks the other day, so I can get the fabric for those and at this rate, I may get caught up by the time all 50 states are done. I'm close to being half way at this point.

Even though I put up with some of the things that goes on with this group, I still love going and I still enjoy the company. I'm used to be ignored at times, so no worries. Life is good!

I'm still going through ideas of what I want to do. I marked the next two eagles for the quilts, so I'm getting ready to do the applique on them soon. I'm loving the embroidery as well, so I'm still keeping busy. It's the only way to be! Happy Quilting!

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