Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beautiful Sunday! Couldn't Ask for Better!

Today was a good day. We worked out in the yard.....

I was trimming some of the Rhodies today. This is before,

and after.

This is the one I started yesterday. I wanted to try and finish it, so this is before,

and after. Patrick had to finish this up because I'm not tall enough to get to it. Looks like a hair cut! Left the top on. lol  This is the bush I thought Patrick killed over 12 years ago. It was as tall as our second window. One day he cut it all the way back to the stubs. I freaked! I actually thought it was dead. Fast forward 12 years and one would never know he did what he did. This is a lot fuller than it was when we moved into this house.

This is another one, before,

after. Patrick went around and trimmed them in the way he wanted them to look. I'm sure he gave them another hair cut.

I then walked around the house and took photos of our flowers.

Check out my nature page to see more photos of our flowers.

We then went to the movies. We watched the movie "Spy" and I can say it was a good movie - for the first half. There wasn't any language issues. It was very entertaining, and then before I knew it, the "F" word started up, and before the movie was over, there were at least 3 "F" words in one sentence. There was a family there, who brought their little girl (about 4 yrs old), and I was shocked. Why would someone take a 4 yr old for a movie like that. There were even men parts that show up. It was a good movie, but I actually think it would have been 10xs better if they would have gotten rid of the language.

Last night I finished up block #13.

I decided I better pay more attention to the colors I use. This block is on the dark side. The best part is that's one more done.

I then worked more on Bock #12. I had it at this stage last night.

I finished it up today. Just a few minutes ago actually. I like the affect of this flower. I have more to work on. I believe this is 12 blocks done now. Still need to work on block #2. May try to do that this week.

Tomorrow I will be off to the quilt shop to quilt two of mom's smaller quilts for her step granddaughters. She's paying for me to do it, so it will be interesting. Then  my Aunt and Uncle will be in from AZ and we will be with them for dinner. Tomorrow is already planned out. ugh....

Till next time....Happy Quilting!

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