Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Between Water Leak and Quilting

Today I didn't have to walk with Ruth. Not that I have to in the first place. She was gone this morning, so I just played cribbage with Art. While I was playing the second game, the plumbers and PUD came to work on the leak across the street. I was the "go between" when it came to figuring out what was going on. Water was shut off for us, but the neighbors across the street had power off as well.

So, while they were working on the water, I quilted. I had to get up every few minutes while they needed this or that. It actually was a good thing for me to get up as much as possible.

I love this tool! It works great for all the trouble I had with the seams.

I was able to get a lot done. Amazing how much one can get done when they just sit there and work on it.

I started working on the blue butterfly in the center piece. I'm also happy to say that I was able to roll the quilt. I'm starting to see the end of the center piece....which means a lot to me.

I even started on the butter fly here. I'm not done with it yet, as I rolled it closer to the edge and will finish it before it gets rolled again.

I realized my label had butterfly quilt and I actually have two of them going at once, so will change the label so that I know which one I'm working on and not confusing everyone.

The plumbers took all day long. We finally had water at 4 pm. Tomorrow is quilting at the shop. I need to take another thumb drive of the photos I took at retreat. Guess she couldn't get the thumb drive open. I'll put them on mine and go from there.

Looking forward to doing something worth wild tonight....or just going to bed. I'm
Happy Quilting!

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