Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cooler Day Today....But More Coming!

Today was cooler, but still hot. We did hear some thunderstorms but didn't get much here. It did sprinkle rain, but not enough to enjoy.

I headed downstairs to work on my strips.

I'm starting to go through this bucket. I have been sewing the strips together. I know I have a few more solids to cut for strips, but decided to make it a little more exciting by working on the strips already cut.

This is my left over solid box. As you can see, I have plenty to go through! I don't know what I'm going to do, but will think about it. First things first, I'm working on what I have done.

I pulled out the shelf on the cabinet to work on. I figured it would be easier to have everything there to work on.

This is some of the strips that I done and cut to get ready to sew 9 patches. I found a couple of them had one piece left over. I'll figure out what I will do with those. I may just line them up one on the other and use that for the border strip. Truthfully, I have no idea what I'm going to do. I figure once I have the blocks done, then I can decide what I will make out of them.

This is some of the colors I have done. I've been sewing a set of strips, then cutting them to size. Once I do that I can sit and sew some of the block together as I work on another set of strips. I still need to trim these down to size. That will be an interesting day! I hate having to trim them! BUT it does need to be done. I'll probably do that in between doing the others stuff as well. It happens when I'm in the mood to do it.

I'm still working on the applique when I can. I will need to have plenty of applique work to do when I take the car in to get the "recall" fixed. I swear! My car is going in for the 4th time on a recall. I have no doubt there will be another recall. Still waiting to see if I get a recall on the air bags. Just looked on the website, and according to Toyota, I'll get a letter in the mail if and when it is available. My car is not in the year they posted, so I may be lucky enough not to get a recall.

Today I received word that a dear friend that I bowl with, lost her son last night. She's heading back from National's (bowling) today. He wasn't very old, and he did have some brain damage from an accident years before. Not sure the details, but sending prayers to her and her family.

There is a cool breeze coming in from outside...feels awesome! I'm not looking forward to the heat wave coming in again in the next few days.

Patrick worked out in the yard while I was sewing. I had the windows open down there and enjoyed the time sewing. My back told me enough was enough, so will take a few hours at a time. Every little bit helps. I will be back down there at least 2 more times this week. My week is full this week. Hard to believe what I have going on. BUT hey, I'm still Happy Quilting!!

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