Sunday, June 14, 2015

Enjoyable Day of Quilting

Today I made some cinnamon rolls. They turned out awesome. What a way to start the day!

After relaxing and waiting on Patrick to show up I headed downstairs.

This is part of the view I had today. The sun was out and is still out.

Patrick has kept the yard up. He was back out there today and mowed again. Yep, after I took this photo.

I turned on Hallmark's channel and watched the "McBride" mysteries. I do like watching that how. Haven't been able to figure out when it's on, but they had a run of the show all afternoon.

I worked on the butterfly quilt again today. I'm getting closer to getting the center piece done. I really want to get it over with. As soon as I do, it will go a lot faster.

I started working on the center butterfly, and I can't believe how hard it is to get in there to quilt. The seams are huge! I wanted to go around the butterfly wings but I came to the body of the butterfly and there was a huge "knot" of fabrics. I don't know what I'm going to do. If I don't quilt it, it would look funny, since I've already started going around the butterfly. So, if I completely skip a spot then anyone with an eye will know I didn't quilt there and wonder what I was thinking. Then again, that's what most people think when I do stuff anyway....

This is the third sailboat of Phillip's quilt. I have it finished and getting ready to work on the fourth block. It's only nine blocks, so with three done, I'm about 1/3 done. I am doing the sashing as I go. I like the way it's coming. I did notice I didn't do that good with piecing this together. Guess I can complain too much since it was done in the early 1990's. Phil was about 7 years old when I put it together for him. Plus it was one of those fun "round robin" blocks. I picked the pattern and sent it around with everyone else's patterns. We'd cut out the fabrics, mail them to the person on the list, and then mail the packet out to the next person on the list. I do miss not doing those any more. It would be fun to do that again. Good way to use up the scraps too.

We grilled steak today and it turned out great. Love the day! We didn't eat out on the deck today, but we have been doing that more lately.

I really need to move around more. My back didn't like it that I sat most of the day. BUT HEY, I was Quilting! Both of these will get done! I still can't believe I'm in the mood to quilt when it's getting so hot out there!! You'd think I would do all this in the winter, not the summer! I should be doing the applique in the summer and quilting in winter....but then I've never done anything the way I should be doing it! lol Quilting is quilting...and that's what I love - Happy Quilting!

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