Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Good Thing I Don't Plan

It's a good thing I don't plan any quilt related stuff any more. I did the usual walking and cribbage. I won one game of cribbage.

Came home after being with the neighbors. I worked on a one of the games I play, then I decided to go downstairs to quilt.

Just as I started to quilt, mom called. She wanted to know if I had anymore fabric from the one quilt. I told her I gave her all that she had, back. We chatted for a little while. She told me my Uncle and Aunt where staying another night. We hung up and then as I was setting the phone done, she called back. "We're coming over." My reply was, "Why?" lol Then I got this conversation of "why not?" Mom and Aunt Dale came over. We chatted for about 2 hours. I showed them the butterfly quilt. My Aunt is really good with art and has good ideas. She suggested I do a lattice strip on the center with vines and butterflies. I'm going to put the lattice down and go from there.

I gave mom back her pattern from P3. Decided I didn't want to do it, since she let a couple of quilters borrow the pattern. I decided since others where going to make it, I wasn't going to do it. I get tired of starting a quilt, other quilters wanting to do the same quilt, and then getting it done before me. Then that person gets the questions of "where did you find that pattern?" Then when mine gets done, I hear "Isn't that the quilt that (so-and-so) made?" When it was my pattern to begin with! Ugh. Mom thought I was being weird and said not everyone makes the exact quilt. Everyone's quilt is different. She thought I was crazy that I didn't want to show my patterns or share. I have two groups that love to do the same quilt someone else is making. Why can't quilters enjoy other's quilts, without having to make a contest out of who can finish it first?

Off my soap box. I didn't get much quilting done on the quilt after they came over. Didn't feel like going back downstairs to work on my quilt.

I pulled out my Brazilian embroidery. I worked on the "Fushia" flower on the bottom. I have a few more petals to make. I need to get some more thread to finish them up, but I have enough to do 2 more petals. I'm liking the way they are coming out. This relaxed me till Patrick got home.

We had bowling tonight. Did pretty good. We won all four games.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to be able to go back downstairs and work on the quilt. I really do want to work on that quilt. Tomorrow will be a great day....Happy Quilting!!

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