Monday, June 8, 2015

Machine Quilting Day

Yep, that's what I said, machine quilting day. I know, I don't like machines and I don't like machine quilting without getting bored.....BUT, mom wanted me to do them for her. The two quilts I did today are for my nieces step daughters.

Both quilts mom sewed together. They were done for both the girls. This one I really didn't do a lot to. I just did it "simple." At least that's what Rita told me to do! lol  I loved having Rita there! She kept me on track of making it simple and quick.

I actually had more fun doing this one. I meandered all over this one. I was surprised at how well it came out. As long as I don't have to think about what I'm doing, it works great. lol

This is the back. Mom didn't have enough fabric for the back on both quilts. This one she had extra blocks that we sewed together and then sewed the backing fabric to them. The other quilt has a pink strip on the side of the back. It was just as good doing that. I actually had fun adding more to the backs.

I had a very good day with Rita. She's going to be the next owner of the quilt shop. We were talking about what her plans are and I'm excited. I can't wait! I told her I would help her out whenever she needs it, and I meant it. I would love to help her out. I'd love to teach a class too. Time will tell, and I'm looking forward to the changes that are coming.

After quilting at the shop, Patrick and I went over to moms. My Aunt and Uncle are here from AZ. We had a steak dinner and played games after. I really enjoy being around my Uncle now. I remember as a kid, he didn't seem to care to have me around. Now, he really enjoys being around me. Haven't figured out what chanced, but he tells me how he appreciates it that I come around.

Today was not a day of applique, but I can say I finished 2 more projects. Mom's doing the binding and I'm thrilled to add two more projects on the finished side. Yeah, I know, it's cheating, but hey, I had to quilt them! (smiling here) Yeah, I know I didn't want to, but since I did, it counts. Add them to my "finish" stack and I'm jumping with joy!

I was talking to Patrick about my Aunt bring us her Christmas decorations she doesn't want. She's done that for the past 3 years. It's like Christmas in June!! Came home and there was a ton of stuff on my deck! I love going through her stuff! So, in chatting with Patrick, I'm going to make her a 2-fabric applique quilt. I asked her what her favorite color was, and really didn't get much there. I did find out she likes off white, has brown in the house, and likes the flower pot orange colors too. Don'ts give me much to work with, but I can go in the way of brown I guess.

I'll keep thinking.......and stay Happy Quilting!

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