Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My Brother's Birthday!

Today I had a good walk and played cribbage. Won all three games.

I got home, cleaned the kitchen and started browning my brats to put in the slow cooker. I added the sauerkraut and seasoning. Then I texted my brother to wish him a Happy 60th Birthday. He's getting to be an "old fart." If not already there! lol

My sweet and dear older brother! Chris - Happy Birthday! Your still smiling after all these years. Don't remember a day when you weren't smiling! Love you big brother!

After all that, I started getting my bread ready. I wanted to have fresh hot dog buns.

I think made two small loaves of bread. Giving one of them to Art, our neighbor.

They turned out awesome and nice a fluffy! I could eat it all now! But can't win, can't eat a lot of bread anymore.

Went downstairs and worked on the quilt.

Finished the butterfly and was able to roll the quilt. I'm happy to say, I'm getting a lot of rolling going on in the last week. More than I've done in a very long time.

It's getting closer to being done at this rate.

As you can see, under my cover, we can see the end of the center piece. I'm excited to getting this done!! Once it's done, it should go faster. I'm looking forward to getting out of the center of this quilt! I still need to figure out what I was doing on the sides, and will have to finish quilting those once the quilt is off the frame.

We have bowling tonight, so this is short and sweet. Chris - have a great day - and I'll have one being Happy Quilting!

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