Saturday, June 6, 2015

Off and Running....

Actually it wasn't was biking. We went to Tenino, WA and unloaded our bikes. Then we headed off to Rainier, WA. That is a 17 mile treck. We went up hills and down hills. I had to take a couple breaks in between. My breathing was okay today, and I was determined to beat our record! So, we biked for an hour to Rainier, and 50 mins back to Tenino. We sat at the memorial, had a snack and came back to Tenino.

After our riding trip to Rainier, we went to the casino on the way to Oympia. We had a good day. Then we headed to Costco and got some meat, veggies, and a microwave. Our microwave caught on fire. That was the day I burned the white chocolate! We have been very careful with the microwave lately. Since we had the money, we decided to buy another one and get rid of this one.

It's small but we don't really cook in the microwave. I just warm things up. I'm still of the belief that food cooked at home from scratch is the way to go.

After Costco, we headed back home. My back was so painful, and it was getting hard to sit. So after unloading everything, I laid on the floor for a few minutes to get my back feeling better.

Last night I worked on the two blocks that I showed yesterday. I have more done on them, but I don't have them finished. I will work on them again tonight and hope to have pictures of the finished blocks. Happy Quilting!

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