Monday, June 15, 2015

Peaceful Monday!

Today was a day without playing cribbage, but Ruth was outside my house by 7 am. Told her she's going to be walking with Willie by herself if she wants to go back to 7 am. I told her no earlier than 7:30 am. If she has her way, we'd be walking at 5:30 am. Not going there. She wants me to be there at 7 am. Can't do it, I do like to sleep when I can.

After that I washed a couple loads of laundry and took the loads out on the line. Love the smell of fresh clothes on the line. Trouble is, it does affect my allergies. lol Can't win.

Headed downstairs to quilt. I watched "Diagnoses Murder" with Dick Van Dyke. I worked on the butterfly (now one can see it). This has been one big pain to quilt around. My stitches are way to big, but there isn't much I could do about that. Stabbing isn't my way to quilt, and it would be a mess if I did. I'm going simple on the butterfly because of the layers of fabric under. I almost wonder if there is paper between some of those seams as well. It's upside down because of the way I'm quilting it.

Once I reached this area, it went pretty fast. I'm getting to the part where I can turn it again. Not bad..I'm turning it quiet a bit lately, so I guess I can say I'm getting it done.

When I reached this area, I realized Patrick was due home soon. Had to call it good for the day. I have a few more inches to get done on this part, and then I can roll it. I'm actually getting excited about rolling the quilt again. I want to do some more quilting on this butterfly as well. Haven't decided what I want to do with this butterfly. I'm trying not to repeat quilting stitches on the butterflies around the center piece.

I am now on the 4th block of Phil's ships. It is going quick as well. I finished the sashes stitches last night. The ship goes fast, so I'm hoping to be close to having this one done as well by tonight.

It was another beautiful day. It felt good to get a lot of quilting done. As I was quilting, I thought about our grandmothers. My second great grandmother stories of quilting. When I was thinking about cooking, I thought of her. She would be cooking in her apron. Inside her apron was her projects she was working on. She would hand piece (or crochet) while she cooked. Doing two things at once. They even had a quilt frame that came down from the ceiling. Mom even remembers that frame coming down. Mom would play under it while they quilted. They would have her thread the needles. Times change. Cooking is faster and quilting has been changing over time as well.

Tomorrow is quilting with Mt. St. Helen's group. Don't know if I will go, since I have Thursday potluck with Haven't Missed a Stitch, and Friday with Myron's Girls. I would be better off staying home and quilting on the quilt. Time will tell what I do. Do I stay....Do I that sounds like a song! lol

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings! Happy Quilting!

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