Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday with the Quilters

Today was a day of walking, cribbage, and quilting. I went to Walmart before heading to the quilt group. I had to pick something up for the potluck. Plus I needed cat food.

We had a good meeting today. We only had about 7 blocks for the drawing. I didn't do a block for the drawing, since I had plenty of stuff to do the last few months.

Our potluck was really good. Mostly salads. We did our usual drawing for prizes and I didn't get the book I wanted. :-( , but then I really didn't need another book.

Got home and Patrick came home early. So, I worked on this basket block. I have a couple more petals to do and then I can do the embroidery on it. I really like the colors, which is odd since I'm not a pink person.

My pattern I ordered the other day is on the way! I'm excited. I ordered the Spring Bouquet - Laundry Basket Quilts. I really love the patterns from there! I'm hoping to start the Sweet Sixteen - Laundry Basket Quilts pattern here soon. I've been collecting fabrics for it, and I'm ready to get started. I just need to finish one more thing before I start it! I'm loving the patterns!

I'm hoping to get more done tomorrow then I did today. I didn't get anything done at the meeting, since this group comes for the potluck and then leaves. Check out our meeting at Haven't Missed A Stitch. And yes, that's another blog I keep up on. Way too much typing today! lol

I need to get more letters posted as well. Thinking I may try and do that this weekend. I have a lot of stuff I need to work on......again, more stuff.....ugh. Plus this weekend is Father's Day and I will be taking dad out to the Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma I'm betting.

Happy Quilting!!

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