Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Day of Relaxing and Cleaning

This morning I actually slept till 8 am. That is unusual, but I did enjoy the sleep. Slept pretty good compared to the last couple months.

We ended up dropping off the stuff that didn't sell yesterday to Visiting Nurses. The interesting part about all that was how picky they were. They didn't take the copier. That was okay. At least we were able to get rid of everything. Phil came over and took care of his motorcycle and we are holding it here. He hasn't had offers yet but he may yet. There were a LOT of lookers for his cycle. 

We then headed to moms because I forgot to get the light box from her yesterday. 

I copied Jeannie Austins pattern (with permission) from her actually applique work. 

It's huge and perfect for the top of quilts. I'm going to make quiet a few of these for QOV.  I put in a request for my husbands Uncle to get a quilt. He's in bad health, and I pray I can get a quilt to him before he decides to call it quits. He was a Vietnam War Vet who flew helicopters. He also received the purple heart and a few other metals in his career. 

I pulled out this block to see what I needed to do. I'm try to get the leaves done tonight. I actually pulled out some old letters and posted them on my other blog. It's been 6 months since I posted a new set of letters. I really do need to get moving on those letters. I'm finding out information I had no clue about. I'm also finding out my family didn't talk kindly about other groups. Now though, I'm beginning to see why, since we are started to go through it all over again. The only way to get rid of racists is to quiet referring to people as black, white or otherwise.

Okay, back to my blog. It's warm again today. The fans are going and I'm still hot - but then if one has a laptop on their lap, what does one expect?! 

Oh! I found a beautiful pattern on Keepsake Quilting that I wanted to do the BOM! Then as I'm reading, I found the words, "precut, fusible." What the heck!! I hate working with fusible, and I would like to do that quilt. I do needle turn. UGH.....when will companies be so kind as to give people a choice? Not everyone does fusible. And I know, McKenna Ryan's pattern are EXPENSIVE. I went looking for the pattern and found I can't find it cheaper than $100! No pattern is worth that much! (at least I don't think it is)

I need to think about a small pattern for beginners. I've been asked to teach needle turn applique. I want to be able to have a design that I can show the different "prep" work. I want it easy for beginners. I want it to look awesome. I need to get with mom and see what we can come up with. I've been chatting with Jeannie and hoping she can help me out as well. Then I need to make a sample. Should be fun. Wish me luck! Happy Quilting!

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