Monday, August 31, 2015

A Good Day With Friends

Today was a great morning to start walking. I took Art over his key, so he could turn it in. He asked for some supplies to finish cleaning, and I headed back to the house to get what he needed. Told him I'd pick up what he didn't use when I got back. I then headed to Ruth's for a good walk. She had an awesome time with her family over the weekend. After our walk, I was surprised to see a car by our water system. We found out he was doing research for the state. So, I let him into the well and he talked to Patrick. That was an interesting morning. Stopped and picked up what Art didn't use for cleaning and come home, just in time to head out to our Brazilian Embroidery group.

I worked on the leaves by the flower.

And the flower. This was as far as I got at our meeting. I decided I was going to fill it in more.

Which is what I did. I like it better fuller. I will do a lot of little french knots for the center. I'm really liking the colors of this kit. I'm having so much fun with this one! I can't wait to see how much more I can get done. I tend to hold off till our meetings, because I want to do my applique. But that's okay, because there are days I don't want to do applique and this will be fun to work on. I also have my cross stitch that I need work on.....will see when I get back to those too.

Last night I put the two pieces on the basket. I wasn't happy with it.

I decided to the that interface material and she if it will work better. I believe it will. So, I cut out the pieces, glued them to the fabric.

I stopped on my way home to get glue sticks. I then worked on the pieces and glued them in the spot they need to be. I will applique it down and smooth out the points. The fabric is then and I noticed it had the number show throw. Not happy about that, but its in pencil, so it should wash out. At least I'm hoping.

Last night I had this done. I have the stem ready to work on and then can work on the flower. Haven't really decided on how I'm going to do the flower, but will probably try the same method that I did above. Glue stick helps, but it takes a little more then I thought it would. I'm just now learning how to use it, so I'm still trying things out to see if it works for me. Being left handed doesn't seem to be an issue. I just need to learn to use both hands when working with folding it to the glue.

Tomorrow will be another great day with friends. I'm looking forward to being with my cousin tomorrow. We decided to have a sew day, instead of going to our meeting tomorrow. We have a lot of good ideas, and I'm hoping we get started on one......Actually, don't need another project......hopefully I'll finish the other eagle block. Will need to take my camera since I've given her the block already. She did mark it for the embroidery, so I'll take my green floss and do the embroidery to finish it up. We are talking about doing one of the eagles as the pillow case. I'm okay with that.

Tonight is another meeting night. This time I'm secretary. Note take, and not appliqueing. I'd rather applique while the meeting was going on. (smiling) Been known to do that.

Tomorrow will be with Donna, Wednesday will be taking Art to his appointment, and then the rest of the week I can enjoy it by myself. AHHH, that sounds awesome!! I'm still trying to get people to volunteer their time at the quilt show. Funny how people will donate fabric, but not their time. Same people seem to do the work. Oh, well, that's the way things go.

May we all be Happy Quilting!!

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