Saturday, August 8, 2015

Another Day of Garage Sales

Today I woke early and headed down to Ruth's to get started on the garage sale. I worked with Ruth till about 10 am when Patrick came down. We headed to the casino - that was a quick in and out. Then we went to the bowling alley so Patrick could check out his new ball. He played 3 games.

After bowling we came back and cleaned up the garage sale. The good news was we sold a lot more. There wasn't a lot left over, so we only need to take a couple boxes to the Visiting Nurses. 

Once that was done, we headed over to mom and dads to visit with my brother and his wife. We had a great family meal and game. We shared our visit with my sister in laws family. 

So, there is no quilting today. I'm looking forward to being Happy Quilting!

Had A Fun Day!

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