Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 4 and Counting.....

Today started out walking and cribbage. Got a call from mom saying she would be at the hospital around 10/10:30 am and I told her I'd meet her there.

I went to the hospital to find dad already out from his colonoscopy. I stayed with mom till about 1:30 pm then we headed home. Dad looked good, but found he may be staying another 3 days.

Got home and went for a second walk with Ruth. Then went to Ruth's to help her with her computer and it seemed to be her server. Called Century Link to see what was going on. Her loading was taking  very long time. After being transferred 3 times we finally got a really nice tech guy. He found something he wanted to check on. He was trying to reach the other department to help us out. After 45 minutes of waiting he apologized and said he was still trying to figure out what was going on. I told him he could call Ruth back and I'd see what I could do when I come back tomorrow. I couldn't believe he couldn't reach the other department in his own company. Too funny!!

Came home, got laundry loaded and then cooked! After supper went back to see how dad was doing. He said the doctor said tomorrow he may be able to go home and then go back to the office in a couple days.

Patrick treated me to Ice Cream from DQ! I was happy! Now I'm not sure I will get anything done, but I just need "down time." So, we will see what tomorrow brings. Happy Quilting!

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