Saturday, August 29, 2015

Do You Ever Have One of Those Days?!

You know the days I'm talking about. The days when you want to do something and you think about it all day. Then when you start, the day is pretty much gone and you don't get much done!

Today I woke early as usual and was thrilled to see the rain. I wasn't so thrilled to see the wind, but I can live with it. It was really windy today. I saw a news strip go across the TV saying the wind was at 60 mph, and a 10 year old girl was killed by a falling tree. Not news one likes to hear.

We headed to the casino, and came home. We didn't do so good, but not worried about it. Don't think Patrick was in the mood to play, and he's the one that likes to go.

I woke with a headache and sinus, so I took my Zyrtec. By the time we got home I just wanted to lay down and sleep. So, I did. I fell asleep on the couch and got a good 1 1/2 hrs in. Surprised me too, because I usually don't do naps.

I kept thinking about the border I'm going to do on the QOV quilt. I know it's going to be the 9 patches, but haven't even gone down to cut the fabrics.

It's not big enough, so I need to add more borders.

I did watch a few videos on applique today. I wanted to see how people applique with an interfacing. Kathy McNeal has a good one (link on her name). I learned a lot from that one, as well as Sharon Schamber Quilts. I picked up a few things from both of them. Each have a different way of doing things, so its fun to see what I can use from both. I have the interfacing that Sharon Schamber sells, and I'm trying it out now.

I went looking for my glue sticks. I thought I had some in the freezer but wonder if I throw them out when I haven't used them in over 2 years. Now I have a reason to use them, and was able to find one that is almost out. I am going to try this technique with the leaves I need to do on the "Baltimore Liberty" block as well as Bountiful Baskets. 

I pulled out all my tools, and started working on the technique. I'll have to take photos tomorrow so you can see what all I've been doing. I like the affect of using this interface. It lays better. Kathy Wagner from our group does an awesome job using this technique. She's going to demo it next month.

We still have rain due, and I'm still tired, but will work on my projects tonight. I want to see how this works out! Happy Quilting!

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