Friday, August 21, 2015

Enjoyed the Day to Myself!

I started the day off with playing cribbage. I skunked Art one game and he won one game, then I won he last. Enjoyed that, but he had more stuff for me to take. He told me to come back in the afternoon and get some more stuff. Not like I need more stuff! Anyway, I came back home because Ruth was having a garage sale with her neighbor, and the money would go to the food bank.

I sat down and played some games, then I decided I would do applique. I wanted to get caught up on my shows I taped. So, I was able to go through a few of my shows, but not near what I've missed out on.

I appliqued the leaves on block #17 of the Bountiful Baskets. I then decided I would do the embroidery on the block as well. I started adding all the french knots that go there. I used Pearl's technique of where the french knots go.

I'm about 2/3 done with the second stem for the flower. I will try and get this block done tonight. I actually enjoyed spending time to myself and working on this block.

Patrick came home about 2 pm. Said he was caught up and decided to go home. He worked outside while I worked on my block. He was okay with that, but he did let me know I need to quit bringing stuff home from Arts. I tend to agree. Sometimes I think Art is offended if I don't take things. I brought home some towels and stuff for the kitchen. Figure Patrick can have more rags. Not that all of them are like rags.

Called and chatted with dad today. He's doing really good and sounds wonderful! I really love hearing him sound back to normal.

I need to get a star pattern to put on the QOV quilt and get that out to the quilters. Dick is getting his quilt tomorrow. Asked my sister-in-law to take photos for me. I'm excited to see what he gets. I'm hoping it will cheer him up. I know he won't live much longer, but I can hope it will bring some joy to him.

Took a walk with Ruth around 6 pm tonight. It was cool and comfortable to walk. We both are close to getting out 10,000 steps in.

Enjoy! Happy Quilting!!

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