Monday, August 10, 2015

If I Could Reset the Day, I Would

Today started out with a walk and cribbage. Then phone calls. One right after another. Found out my Uncle and Aunt will be staying with us on Wednesday. The same day I have to take my quilt to the fair. Plus pick up quilts from Donna. Then checked on information for a retreat next year, but that doesn't look possible right now.

Worked on the leaves last night. Got a lot of them done and wanted to get more done today....BUT NOOO, that didn't happen. No quilting of any kind happened today. UGH

Went walking again in the afternoon then came home and had to make an apple cobbler because Patrick wanted it. He picked apples yesterday and wanted me to use them. I don't like having to cut and chop apples! There are way too many apples to cut up to make a cobbler. I have better things to do. Plus I was sweating after that walk. It was HOT today! AGAIN! Add the oven heat to that, and yea, I was in a peachy mood! I was ticked.....worked myself in that mood. Then we went to my folks.

On the way to my folks I told Patrick what I found out about the retreat and we got into a good argument over that. Not a good time to tick me off more....but oh well. We get to mom and dads, and my brother thought we were upset about something else. Had to tell them, "no, it's about money and Patrick gets upset when it comes to spending money." Which is true, but oh, well.

We had crab today with smoked salmon. Then we played "9's" and I lost. Mom was next to me and she was being a butt, she wouldn't give me the card I needed. So, I lost (last place with 8 people playing!)

I washed the sheets and quilt that is downstairs. The quilt was on the line. Smells great. Sheet was out there too. Didn't take long to dry out on the clothes line.

So, today, it was life that got in the way. I seriously need to STOP planning what I want to do in a day. I can't seem to do what I want to when I want to. I need to relax and take it as it comes. But, NO, I can't do that! I want to be able to do what I want when I want and that doesn't happen lately. So, guess that's part of why I was a "Bitch" today. All by myself today and I still didn't get to do what I wanted, so it ticked me off. This week is another busy week, and me being "bitchy" just doesn't help me out. Other than getting things off my chest......hate it when I get in this mood. It's not often but it happens.....deep breath. Tomorrow is quilting at the museum and not sure if I'll go. Tomorrow will be the only day to myself this I want to go quilting or do I want to stay home and work on something else.....or do I want to be "bitchy" all week.....good question. Guess we all will figure out what I'll do tomorrow. Looking forward to being Happy Quilting!

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