Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's Only Tuesday, and Yet Another Busy Day!

Woke to a shower and a trip to the casino with Art. I actually did pretty good! First time since we have been going once a month! I came home with more money then I played with. Can't complain this time.

After coming home called Patrick and decided I would treat for supper. We went down to Longview WA for supper and on the way back took the back roads. We talked about thinking about where we would go after this house is paid off. We want to go to a one level home, and chances are we will be around here. There were a few places on the back roads that we liked, and will think about living in those areas as well. It's something we will think about in the future.

I finished the applique on block #15. Now I need to do the embroidery and will probably do that here tonight. I'm still not crazy about the colors, but I can live with it. Once it's in a quilt, it won't be that bad.

I really haven't done much in the way of quilting. I'm hoping to do more later. I keep putting time in when I can. Still Happy Quilting!

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