Sunday, August 23, 2015

QOV Honors Richard John

I received the following last night:

Richard John, a decorated soldier from the Vietnam War was presented a quilt from QOV. It was an emotional time for friends and family. It was a planned surprise. He was primped up by the nurses. In the morning he wasn't doing very good. They didn't know if he would be okay by noon for the presentation.

The QOV gals from the Upper Peninsula presented him with this quilt. He was hugging the quilt when family left. It was an honor to give him this quilt. He may not live long, but he will have this quilt to comfort him in his last days.

This is my husband's Uncle. He has had many strokes in the last couple months, and I was afraid we would not get the quilt there fast enough. He has served our country well, and needed that "Thank you" that he was not given when he came back from Vietnam. He was a helicopter pilot and had been wounded in the war. He saved lives, and he has metals that he doesn't talk about. He said one time that he had metals that would surprised everyone, but they were put away. He like other veterans put there metal in a drawer and don't bring them out. They got them for the "job we had to do." Most don't talk about the metals, and when family finds them, they are surprised and want to know how they got them, but by that time they veteran has passed.

Thank you to QOV for rushing this quilt to him, as his life is short. It's an honor to be part of his family. He's been added to my many, many members who have served our country.

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