Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two Days at the Hospital and Counting!

Today was able to sleep in a bit, but that didn't happen. I did get up about the time Patrick left for work. I worked on getting laundry started and then waited for mom to call me.

Mom called and we decided to meet at the hospital. Mom was upset about the way dad was cared for yesterday, and truthfully I was too. I took dad water yesterday because they weren't giving him water. His nurses button didn't work, and when I questioned it was told that light is on to show him the button. Well, guess what?! The button didn't work! Dad was still in pain and ran a temp last night. So, when mom talked to the nurse this morning she wasn't happy. By the time I got there, they seemed to have straightened up because they finally gave dad a bath and changed his bedding. He was getting better responses today. I had told Donna I wasn't happy and she told me who to go to to get what we needed. I didn't need to get to that point, because the leading nurse came in a couple times checking on things. It was finally decided that dad is staying the night again. This time he's having a colonoscopy in the morning.

While at the hospital today with dad I was able to work on my baskets.

I finished the one on the right, did all of the middle one, and almost done with the one on the left.

I was showing mom how I do back basting and added this leaf. Not sure if I will keep it, but will check it out.

Yesterday mom and I missed out on the Brazilian Embroidery, so I didn't get much done, if any. The group called me to see if everything was okay, so I told them what we were going through. It felt good that they called to see how we did.

When we had to take off Sunday afternoon to the ER, I was working on the mats.

I was getting the binding on one corner.

That's about as far as I got. I need to finish up the bindings on these mats.

So, even though I have not had much chance to work on stuff, I'm still trying to get stuff done. Mom is getting more done than I am. Life can get in the way! Happy Quilting!

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