Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Planned Day That Didn't Work As Planned.....

I actually had a good night sleep. Must have been the bowling last night. I even overslept for the first time in a very long time.

Patrick was a sweetie! He brought me home some flowers yesterday.

This was awesome - reminds me of block mom and I are working on.

After getting up - finally, I enjoyed a quiet time with Charlie and played a few games. Then I realized I missed Georgie this morning so headed down to the golf course to catch up with her. Missed her.

Donna texted and said she was I headed out to her place. I had a couple hours before I had to go collect mom and dad at the train station - at least I thought they would be in at 3:30 pm.

I finished putting the leaves on the outside of the rose flower. I got a lot done at Donna's. I was there till 2:30 pm and headed over to moms to get their car. Just as I was at the exit, I realized I was missing the car keys that were at home. I got on the freeway and headed back home. Picked up the keys, got back to moms and it was 3:30 pm - time for them to be at the station. Tried calling them, no luck, then dad called to say I had another half hour. I went to the quilt show, picked up the patterns I wanted, and saw the train go by. As I'm on the way. dad called. Okay, I'm on my way - two blocks done.

Picked them up, realized they didn't have anything in the frig, so we went shopping. We are now at 4:25 pm. Shopped and made it back to their house. Finally made it to moms house and headed back home at 5:15 pm. Long afternoon after all. I was planning on being home by 4 pm. Like I said, planned day that didn't work out as planned. Maybe tomorrow I'll get up on time and start the day off better. Happy Quilting!

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