Sunday, October 11, 2015


Today I ended up leaving home early to get to meet another bowler, then drive all the way down to Longview, WA to the bowling alley. We bowled with a sub and an absent bowler, since two of our bowlers were getting on the boat for a cruise today. I'm thankful the travel league is only once a month. I did bowl better this time - 161, 163, 178. Not bad since I was fighting the alley all day.

Got home around 3 pm, and was able to sit and watch TV as well as try to baste the "2 fabric applique" pattern I'm working on. Oak Leaves and Acorns has more to go with the basting. I've probably have about 1/4 of it done. I worked on it last night, but will do more tomorrow....or may just finish up the block I need to finish for Donna as well as the binding on the quilt.....brain overload! I'm hoping to get the backing done for the quilt that needs a quilter....I need to finish the block....I need to finish the binding....I need to work on Katt's top......I need to get MOVING!!! As well as get back to quilting on the quilts.......

On the way to bowling we noticed the clouds. I haven't seen clouds like that before.

It was so cool!!

These were taken off Jackson Hwy on the way into Chehalis.

Patrick had a hard time bowling tonight, but I did pretty good. Bowled 161, 205, 179. Can't complain. Now I'm ready to get a good night sleep and head over to the church for our Brazilian Embroidery class. I'm looking forward to it! Happy Quilting!

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