Saturday, October 24, 2015

Enjoyed a Movie and Applique

Today we were up early to take Ruthie to the airport in Portland. I think we've been to the airport about 5 times in the last month. Oh, well.

We got home and decided to enjoy the afternoon watching a movie. I marked my rose pattern on the fabric that the group wanted to make the quilt with. It wasn't easy because of the dark color for the background.

The design is a little bigger than it should be. It's a tight squeeze. The pattern called for two pieces for the applique. They had the pattern for fusible. I hate fusible. So, I'm having to work it out for regular applique. I can get away with less pieces if I use embroidery, which I plan to do. The problem is that the buds are way too close to the big rose. I had to move them closer to the rose, and it may look a little off, but I'm going to try and avoid the awkward look of it. I hope I can make it. Problem is, the background is already bigger than the pattern required. Should be interesting, but I'm going to try. I wanted to get this done, and not wait till the last minute. Then I can get back to doing my own work again. I'm labeling this as TAS meeting, as it's a block for our TAS group.

Last night we watched an old movie with Doris Day and Brian Kieth. It was so funny! I love movies with those two in them. I do miss them in movies.

While I was watching TV I worked on this block as well. I started another orange flower. It is going faster than I expected, but I tend to do half and try to find something else to work on, like the eagle blocks. (The other block was behind it, so you can see it through the block)

I have a pile of quilting here! It's making a mess in the living room. Oh, well. I will clean it up tonight or tomorrow. I really have been thinking about what I'm going to do with the blocks downstairs.

I have my stuff together for teaching on Wednesday. I have Brazilian Embroidery on Monday. I'm still keeping busy, and love what is going on. Happy Quilting!

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