Friday, October 2, 2015

My Frog....The Ripper.....

Today I woke and had to wait over an hour to call the doctors. I didn't get any call saying they needed me to take blood, and I have a doctors appointment on Monday. The gal told me to just fast that day and they will probably do it after the appointment. Not may favorite idea.

I then got laundry going, picked up a little, and got ready to meet a good friend for lunch. Mom called and wanted her light box. I ended up running it over to her place before heading to lunch. Had a great time with an old friend. We get lunch off and on through the year together. Told her to come over sometime and we can walk around the golf course since Ruth will be coming and going over the next month.

Patrick took the afternoon off. So, while he was out mowing the yard, I was downstairs working on the QOV quilt. I put on the left side border, then ended up ripping it all out. Took way to long to rip that out....was thinking of a frog while I was ripping. lol - it's all because of the comments on the quilt pages on, rip, rip.

This side was finally put on correctly. I ended up trimming it a little so that it would line up right. I should have done that before I started, but since I couldn't remember what I did when I quit, I had to figure it out. I'm happy with the way it turned out. Just need to figure out what color the corners will be for this border and the next.

I also tried to do the block that Donna and I were talking about. We decided to do a block of different scraps. I pulled out  few scraps, and used some of the combinations I wouldn't normally do. This is going way out of my comfort zone. I'll see how this goes. I have a lot of bright colors, so mine will be more brights then the colors like the ones Donna has. I'm finding I like the fabrics she uses, and they are working out great with the eagles, so I can do this. It's fun to see where I'm going with this.

OOPS, there I go again......another project. Not that I need another quilt, but here we go again. I need to get two more done! When am I going to learn????? this rate, I'm not going to learn. ugh.

In the meantime, I'm going to try and get another quilt top done. I need to get the QOV and Katt's quilt top done. If I can get time this weekend, I'm hoping it will work out and I'll be at the sewing table, Happy Quilting!

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