Saturday, October 3, 2015

Quilt Show Over.....I Got An Award! Woo Hoo

Today I received a call from mom telling me she was at the quilt show and found a kit that had trains. She thought I might like to get it for Patrick. She also said it was $77. At that price, right now, I wasn't that interested. She asked if I was going to the quilt show. Told her "No, quit going to quilt shows." She then told me:

My Hawaiian quilt received a VIP ribbon - from one of our Senators. I was thrilled. Couldn't stop smiling!

We picked up the quilt at 5:30 pm today and was told I received a VIP award from Senator Braun (sp) and a People's Choice. The ribbons are Peoples Choice (SWWFair), VIP ribbon, and Peoples Choice from the Rainy Daze Quilt Guild show. I'm thrilled. I hardly ever get awards, mostly because I don't enter things.

This is my most exciting thing today. So, I'm going to leave this on a "perfect" note. Keeping things positive! lol

I will iron the ribbon later, to flatten it better. It was folded with the quilt. All's good! I'm enjoying being Happy Quilting!!

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