Monday, October 12, 2015

Realizing I'm Behind....

This morning I could get a walk in. Got up even before Patrick. Enjoyed a great walk as well.

I had an hour before going to my Brazilian Embroidery meeting. Would you believe, Patrick throw me off??! 9:30 am came, and I had to rush out the door! I completely forgot I was going --- even after I knew I had an hour to get moving. Patrick got up, turned the TV on and I was watching it as well as playing games.....then it was "Oh, crap! I have to get going!"

I worked on my pumpkins, finishing the big one and working on the second one. I noticed the seam isn't what I'd like, so I'm thinking I'm going to outline all of it, not just the outside of it. That way it will cover up the white.

It's been a while since I've done satin stitches, so the seam part needs to get a little closer.

After our meeting, came home and worked on the eagle block that I need to get to Donna.

I have one more part to embroider and then it's done and can go to Donna, as I know she's waiting on it.

I also worked on the "Oak Leaves & Acorns" pattern. I'm still basting it. I did get a call from Whalen Quilt Works, that my class only has 2 people so far. I had a couple people that were interested in taking it, and haven't signed up yet. I start Thursday, so don't know if it will go through or not. Hope it does.

I had to go find some embroidery floss downstairs, and realized I was so far behind...

My calendar was on June! So, I changed it and now I can keep up on what day it is. Guess I didn't look at it down there much. If you see my board from the other day, you'll notice the June date. Wonder when the next time I'll notice I need to change the calendar. I can do it up here, just not in my sewing room - go figure!

In the meantime, I am still behind....I have to get the quilt finished with binding.....Work on the Baltimore Liberty blocks.....Work on finishing the quilt for Phil on his ships,.........and this, that, and the other! One day at a time, I'm getting there! Happy Quilting.

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