Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Teaching Day!

This morning started out walking. It's awesome when Ruth is here. Trouble is, she's leaving again fro another 2 weeks, and I'm going to have to get my rear in gear and get out there to walk. Lets see how that goes.

I then headed out to the shop to teach the second class of "2 Fabric Applique" again. It went really good. We had a fun time of chatting as well as learning. I even had to buy some more fabric - did you get that "had to" - and now I've got more blue and green. When will I learn?! I have way too much fabric as it is.....

After class I headed to the folks. Yes, mom still has her cold. I went to take photos of dad's car for my sister-in-law. Dad didn't get the car started, so I couldn't get take photos. The garage had so much stuff in it. Taking a photo in the garage, just wasn't the thing to do. So, I then left there to go for my mammogram. I'm happy to say, it only took 5 mins and well worth getting checked out.

We went to the bowling alley and had dinner. I bowled like it wasn't my day of bowling.

The only thing I got done in way of quilting is Rita's Dragonfly basting done. She's now ready for the applique work. We'll be doing that next week. I've got our TAS meeting tomorrow and Friday. I'm thinking I'm going to pass on Friday. I am really tired of being on the run all week.

Now for my soap box:

I received an email from TAS this week, stating they are considering disbanding the organization. What the heck! NQA has already disbanded, and quilting organizations are slowly dieing. Yet there are plenty of quilter out there that can benefit from each organization. The problem with being a member of quilting organizations is that each person needs to commit to the organization. Quilters need to volunteer to keep them going. It's just like when a quilter is a member of a local group, one volunteers to help. With bigger organizations, they need that support as well. Because TAS has applique'rs that just want to do applique, we aren't getting the help that is needed to keep it alive. Quilters need to think about what the organizations give us. We don't need to keep asking, "what does TAS have to offer" but we should be asking, "What can I do for TAS." We get our newsletters every other month! That's something...if one has to get something out of the organization. We all need to think of what we want out of quilting. Think about it, we pay magazines to get a magazine every other month, yet we think because it's an organization we have to get MORE out of it. How about the fact that we share what each group does, we get together at retreats, and get to hear about them. We are on facebook to enjoy each others company. What else do quilters want? Remember, fees can only go so far with few quilters involved. What does a quilter of today's standards really want from an organization that promotes, teaches, and shares what it has to provide?? Are we getting that "stuffy" that we have to get every penny we spend give a "return?" When do quilters understand an organization can't run without the support of it's members? If we don't support the organization, it will be gone. Once it's gone, quilters will be wishing they were there again. The "what if's" will be out there. Good luck keeping organizations alive if one isn't willing to be an active support of the group. I really truly hope TAS makes it. It has patterns and things about applique that no one else has out there. How else will we all be able to enjoy newer patterns, books, etc. that are told in our newsletter. Not everyone does the internet.

Something to think about....Happy Quilting.

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