Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Saturday Different From The Others!

This morning I woke early. Got up and relaxed before Patrick got up. We went grocery shopping instead of the casino. That was a good thing because I didn't want to go to the casino and then come back to go shopping.

After shopping we went to the movies. I really enjoy animated movies! We did the "Panda 3" movie. I liked it. A little different but it was good.

Came home, cleaned up my email. Worked on the QOV binding.

I'm half way done. It's coming along nicely.

Just so one knows what I'm talking about when I say "I do the corners by hand." I mark it and then I hand stitch it. It works out better for me than sewing it done. I should be able to get the pillow case done tomorrow.

I was excited to see my fabric and threads for my next cross stitch design! It cost me a good little penny but I'm excited to work on it!!

Right now I'm going through photos of our last meeting (not this last Thursday but the one before) and need to post it. I'm still waiting to see what happened on the last meeting to post it. When I rely on others it gets hard to get stuff done in a timely manner. That's life!

Looking forward to getting the binding done and enjoying being Happy Quilting!

Family Is Starting To Arrive

I just realized I hadn't posted yesterday. Funny how that happens. One minute I think I did, the next minute I realized I didn't. ...