Friday, January 8, 2016

Back to a Group Meeting....Starting Off the New Year!

Today I waited a little bit before going out for a walk. We walked after Ruth's granddaughter left to return back to CO. She had a great visit with them over the holidays.

I headed to the store and picked up some sour cream. We were doing a taco salad for lunch. This is the group that visits and has a big lunch. Mom and dad don't mind because they like the left overs. I wish we wouldn't have such a big lunch. My folks don't need that extra. They love to eat. So when we have extra and the gals don't want to take it home, they give it to my parents. When they realized there wasn't any dessert, mom went and got ice cream. I behaved and didn't have any. Judy didn't either. The rest of them got ice cream that I dished out. Mom got out the chocolate syrup and some cookies to go with it. I passed.

I worked on this block. The camera on my tablet seems to like pink. I'll take a better photo tomorrow after I get more done on here. I need to add the rest of the bow. I did finish up the flower buds, now I just need to add the green that goes with the buds. I'm looking forward to working on the embroidery when it's done.

Last night I worked more on this. I'm having fun getting this worked out. I worked on the pink flower by the cat. I need to work on the frog some more. I'm trying to see where each floss can be used more in other areas. I like to use up my floss as I work.

Today was more of a day where I try to work on stuff but don't get to. I was at moms late. That made it harder for me to be in the mood to get started. Mom's couch isn't all that comfortable. So, I tried to work on the block. I did get the buds done, so I can't actually say I did something. Funny how it works. I get comfortable and start working on my stuff, then it's time for lunch. They were early getting lunch ready. So, I got off guard. lol

Bev passed out her block for us to work on. I need to pull out the light box and mark it so I can get started and get if over with. I thought I was done with doing friendship blocks, but moms group decided they want to do them. We are doing a new one every 2 months. That's what the other group did and then they wanted to do it sooner. Before one knew it, they were done with friendship blocks. I'm not looking forward to my blocks. Then again, I may have them do the blocks of the quilt I'm wanting to do next.....or do I want to do that one myself....then again there is that other pattern I want, I want to do that one....oh, crap!

Things are going along.....More to do....Happy Quilting!

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