Friday, January 15, 2016


Starting today out with the Finish-a-long quarterly project. This is for those that like to have support on working on their projects. I'm listing my projects that I would love to finish in the next three months -

My butterfly quilt downstairs waiting to finish the quilting.

Finish Phil's ship quilt! That SHOULD be done for the first quarter!

Finish my Brazilian embroidery piece.

AND last - try to finish my cross stitch.

These are the projects I will work on this first quarter. I'm hoping to add more to the list next quarter. Support is always welcome!


Woke up early. Went walking with Ruth. We had a good walk. Came home and worked on laundry. I did some more work on Mturk. thought I had done a lot more on that site then I have. I really need to get more surveys done so I can get more that I'm qualified for. Not to worry. 

I did wake up with a scratchy throat. I'm hoping that's not the case! If I get sick it's because of the gal at bowling on Wednesday! She came and gave my partner and I a hug, then said she had a sore throat. We both looked at each other thinking, "Oh, crap!" WHY do people do that?? Why do they go out when they don't feel well?! Why give someone a hug when they KNOW they are not feeling good?!? UGH. That Wednesday night bowling league just doesn't seem to care about anyone but themselves!

I got the applique work done that I wanted to - thinking I was done - but found out I was not. I have to put the star flowers up on those two stems at the side of the center firecracker. So, I will work on those and hope to have the embroidery done on them as well. I need to baste them down to get started. I have the colors that I want do have there. 

This afternoon I worked on the flower in the corner of my cross stitch. It's coming along nicely. I find I keep second guessing myself. The colors are so close to each other, that I have had a hard time remember what color is next. Do I keep going, do I change colors. The parking is good because most of the time I'm in the right place. Trouble is, I keep double checking myself. I do like the parking, and I'm getting used to it. Once I do, I know I will be moving a lot faster on this. It's a good place to work on it before I start the other one I have set up after this. 

Now I'm thinking the finish-a-long will be a good thing. It will keep me working toward finishing my projects! I may even get to start quilting on another quilt, once the two get done! 

I've got a long way to go....but I'm getting there one stitch at a time! Happy Quilting!

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