Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Getting Quilting In Today!

Slept in today. It was a little slick outside so waited till 9 am to go walking. We got in 2 miles today. Got home and worked on laundry again...that doesn't seem to end.

I put in a couple hours of working on Mturk to work toward earning more money. Seemed like time went by so fast!

After that I headed downstairs and worked on my butterfly quilt.

I took a few photos of where I started.

This is where I actually needed to work on before turning it.

This is the left side of the quilt before it was rolled.

I needed to get more quilting in on this side before I could roll it. I love quilting this because there is no rhyme or reason to the quilting stitches.

I was able to roll it about a third of a roll. Once I get this part done, I can move to the left and work on the center piece. The center part is the first photo on here. I really need to get through that center piece so I can get moving on finishing this quilt. That center part is driving me crazy! It so tight when it comes to the quilting. I'm getting there. Was telling Patrick I need to plan to spend 2 hours a day (at least) quilting on this quilt to get it off the frame. Now lets see if I can do that....everyone knows I tend to veer off on something else that gets me going.

We bowled tonight. I bowled a 157, 156, 158 so I guess on can say I was consistent. I would say I was "consistently bad." (smiling). My average is no longer up there at this rate....I can do this! (now I'm laughing)

 Tomorrow I am getting a CT scan. Wish me luck. I have to fast for 4 hours before my appointment. I can do this....I can do this....  Now I'm just hoping they figure out what my problem is. We can wish.  I've got to get some applique set up and ready to work on while I wait. I may actually get some applique done tomorrow! Woo hoo!

Life is good and I'm still working on my UFO's. This year I'm hoping to get a LOT more done. Let's hope! Happy Quilting!

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