Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year To Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great New Year start! We went to bed early. Then at midnight were woke by firecrackers going off in our neighborhood. They went of for a good hour. Patrick got a phone call from one of his employees at midnight as well. An alarm went off at work. So, it took a little while but we fell back asleep.

Got up and enjoyed the day. I worked on my cross stitch before we had to head over to my folks for our New Year dinner. We had the black-eyed peas, ham and cornbread. It was really good. My folks can make a "mean" black-eyed pea soup.

I was able to get more in on this piece. I had to take some out. Funny how I miss counted a few time before I put this away. I've been fixing my mistakes as I go. So far there isn't a lot of them, so I'm getting more done. I even started on the frog on the bottom of the cat. It's coming along.

This is my folks yard with the lights. I put dad behind the pole. There is some of it that isn't showing on this photo. They did a pretty good job of decorating this year. Mom said she's going to give it one more week, then it's all coming down.

I'm getting ready to get back to applique, quilting and finish this cross stitch. I need to go down and get my applique together and see where I am on it. I was checking out a guy on Instagram and he said he irons after each piece is placed. I like that idea! I'm thinking I'm going to try that. Trouble is I need another iron! My iron was dropped when Harley was here with Katt. I didn't get one for Christmas so I need to see about getting one here soon. Or maybe just keep working with this one till I can't take it anymore....that's probably where I will be with this iron. Time will tell - do I get one now or or wait.....oh, heck, I can wait!

Tomorrow is Saturday and who knows what's on Patrick's list to lazy....I know it won't be "be lazy" because he doesn't know how to! Work in the yard...maybe. OH! It's the first of the month - we're going shopping. I don't think I have been grocery shopping by myself in over 20 years! He doesn't trust me when it comes to going grocery shopping! lol

May we all have a better year then last. May we all have plenty of time to be Happy Quilting!

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