Monday, January 11, 2016

Haven't Learned! - I Haven't Learned NOT To Plan My Day!

This morning I headed out to walk. Got to Ruth's house and she had the pop up "scam." on her computer. I was still asleep when I called the number, and as I was talking to the guy, I realized it was a scam. The best part was that it was a new computer, so there wasn't anything for him to do. The minute I woke up, knowing it was a scam, I shut the computer off and hung up on the guy. Then I went into the computer and uninstalled the access to the computer. She was ticked because it was a new computer and she'd already fought with Best Buy on them killing her computer. She took in her computer to have it "fixed" and that's what they did do....fix it so it didn't work and had to get a "open box" computer. So, this morning there was a "virus." After we walked, I took her up to Olympia to the Best Buy. We took the computer in because we were told on the phone, they could fix the problem if we paid $99 for the work. I told them it was a new computer....nope still had to pay $99. So, we went all the way up there. One of the guys from the "Geek squad" told me that it was easy to fix. He showed me and we left. He did install the chrome on it because she got the pop up from IE. UGH!

We got home. I worked on the laundry and was only home for about 30 minutes when Ruth called frustrated with the computer again. So, I headed back down there and showed her what she needed. We finally got her happy with her new computer. lol

By the time I got back it was already 2:30 pm. I worked on the laundry some more. Then I worked on the computer to see about getting some floss for my next project. I'm working with a gal for a better looking background. I'm getting there.

Since I have started this one way...I'll have to get it set up to try out the "parking" and getting rows done at a time. I'm excited to try out another way of cross stitch. I'm not sure I will like the back, and I bet I will keep putting the threads under the stitches till I figure out how that gal did hers.

This quilt top was appliqued by Martha Wolf - a good friend of the family - and pieced by Judy Hensley. She make her "Affairs of the Heart" blocks a little bigger and she only did about half of them for this one. It's done in brown and gold. She brought it to the group on Friday for everyone to see. I asked permission to post this on the web.

I guess one can say my days haven't been as I would have liked this last couple days.

I had planned my day to take a walk, come home and do my stuff one the computer. Then the afternoon was going to work on the cross stitch. I wanted to work on the Liberty block as well. I had a list of stuff I wanted to get done.....nope.....not happening! Sent Patrick a test that I seriously need to stop planning my days! He came back with, "maybe you should learn to say NO." Yea, I should, but I can't seem to get there.

Happy Quilting!

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