Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rainy Day Again....Snow Going Away....I'm Still Working!

Today was more rain than Snow. Oh, well. I slept in a little. We didn't get out to walk. It's still not good enough weather to walk in.

Today was the day for QOV meeting in Olympia. I decided not to go. Donna was sick and I figured I wasn't going to drive up there in this weather. So, I decided there are things I can do at home rather then go.

I did laundry and mopped the kitchen floor to start the day off. Then I took a couple hours and put in some time doing survey's with Amazon. I need some money to go into Amazon to get a couple things I want. (laughing) I'm cheap and don't want to spend the money I have set aside, so I'm working on getting it though their MTurk program. I bought my computer that way about 3 years ago. I didn't do many surveys last year.

This is the Brazilian embroidery piece that I was posting about yesterday. I asked the BE group on Facebook if they knew what this looks like. They were awesome and gave me some ideas of what to do. I'm looking forward to working on this one.

After all the work I did this morning and this afternoon, I went back to finishing the embroidery on this block.

Once I had it all done, I ironed it. I also went to my scraps and pulled the green for the leaves. I'll try and get those appliqued down. I need to baste it down first. It will feel good to have another block done. If I only have 10 done, that's okay, I'll get there. I have 40 more to go.

I still have my list of what I need to work on.....my scrap quilt.....Phil's ships....the group BOM.....Baltimore Liberty......start quilting the Affairs of the Heart quilt.....finish quilting on the butterfly quilt.....cross stitch......start quilting on the red & white quilt.....and the list goes on. Each day depends on what mood I'm in. Each day gets me that much closer to getting something done. And the way I've been feeling lately, I'll get there.

I was asked the other day if all I do is quilt or Brazilian embroidery. Told her no, I do other things too. She then asked again, "Do you just work with your hands." I told her no, I do all kinds of things. I don't spend as much time doing what I would like to do. I waste a lot of time sometimes. I will admit that. I love being able to create the work I do. I'm excited at times of what I can finish. I also have a hard time finishing things because it's like loosing a friend. Once I'm done and it's put away, it may be forgotten. Other times I think about the work and I'm thrilled at what I have done. It's like letting your best friend leave....(which is how my life has been growing up in the military).

I finished the book, "THE HELP" last night. It was really good! If anyone is looking for a good book that would be a book to read. I didn't live in the US most of the 1960's. We lived in MD from 1962 to 1965. We lived in Alaska in 1968 but really didn't know what was going on in the lower US.

All's good! I'm having fun and getting a few things done....every little bit helps! Can't wait to get something done this year! Happy Quilting!

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