Thursday, January 14, 2016

Running Around From One Place to Another....

This morning we didn't walk right away. Had to go get one of Jennie Austin's patterns from my cousin. On my way, I stopped at Safeway and picked up some flowers for her. She's been under the weather for about 2 weeks now. She hasn't even been in the mood to I know she's sick!

Went over to Mary Ann Wilson's to hook up with Jeannie. It was so much fun!! I love being around Jeannie Austin! She's a very special person and an awesome applique-r as well as designer. I told her I was working on her block and she couldn't wait to see what I do with it. I told her what problem I was having and that I basted down the wing to hold it while I appliqued. She said that was a good idea.

I haven't appliqued it down yet, but this gives one an idea of what I'm talking about. We chatted about TAS as well. She was one of the very first members of TAS. Her and I think TAS hurt themselves when they sent out the notices and stopped mailing the newsletter. Most of us would rather have it mailed to us then to have to print it out. She wondered about the patterns. It's too much work to print the patterns out and then have to go and get them sized up. Most printers don't have a "legal size" printer. It's going to be interesting for the next year to see what happens.

After going back to my cousins to get the right pattern, I went back to give Jeannie her pattern. Then I headed out to the quilt shop to see what everyone was up to. Our group meeting was today. I was surprised at myself, because I really wasn't into going to the meeting. I worked on the star block.

The right side flower is finished and the center of the bow was started before I left. I only stayed about an hour. I FORGOT my scissors! That didn't help with my not feeling like I just called it good and went home.

I arrived home around 1:30 pm and went down to get Ruth. We went and did our usual walking. She had a Weight Watchers meeting so she didn't mind that I asked to put it off for a little while. We enjoyed our walk. It wasn't raining and that was even better. The weather was half way good. I took a photo of Mt. Rainier after I left Mary Ann's place.

Don't know what I will do tonight. I'm thinking I will try and finish this quilt block before I go back and work on the cross stitch. Time will tell.....Happy Quilting!

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