Thursday, January 28, 2016

So, How Was Your Day?!

Today I was able to sleep in. I was surprised at how tired I have been lately. Chances are it's because of the cold I'm still trying to get rid of. It's gone into my sinus' and that's no fun! lol

I played as usual. Then I pulled out my book I finished! It was one of JoAnne Fluke's books. I love the cookies she has in those books! I decided to make one of the cookies in there.

This is sitting till tomorrow when I'll back them. It's "Walnuttoes" that is a lot of chocolate and walnuts. I ran out of walnuts so I cut up some of my slivered almonds to take it's place. I hope it is just as good. Her book tells of how she finds things in her kitchen to replace some recipes ingredients. I just hope it works in my favor too. lol

I went out walking too. I had a small walk. Ran into Toby who drives his dog around the neighborhood. It's so funny. That poor dog is BIG but she's a kick!

I posted this on Instagram. It was a challenge one of the guys had. I was on a timer. It actually is backwards to what I had to do. I did the art in the bottom right first. Most of them put that in the top left. We were timed for each block. The first one was 4 minutes. I figured I did pretty good considering I hadn't done that kind of thing in over 20 years. I did enjoy working on this. Who knows, I may try again later on. May even do something like this in embroidery. lol

I'm working on the binding of the QOV quilt. I found one of my binding pieces is a good 1/2" bigger than the other sides. I'm going to try and see if I can fold over that among and not have to rip it out and do it again. I was debating on this but think I can do it without too much trouble. I do the corners by hand, so I can work it out.

Today was our tAS meeting day. I wasn't in the mood to go. So, I stayed home. I texted a couple people to send me the information on what the day was about. Every one of them was not going either. I won't be going next time either. I have way too much going on in my life, that I decided I would stay home and get more done - or at least make myself believe that. Like today, I really didn't do a lot, but it looks like I did.

Just before Patrick got home I was working on my Mturk (Amazon). I now have 321 things done, but Phil told me a long time ago that 2000 is where I want to be to get better stuff. I'm getting there. Decided this year I would work on them. I did get 3 surveys done today. I'll keep working on it. Thought I would take an hour a day to work on it. We'll see how that goes. I only did $15 worth last year. lol

Now I need to get moving on the binding. Cross stitch will have to wait till it's done. I need to find the labels. I'm going to see Donna in the morning. I need to get some fabric for the pillowcase. Will probably come home and work on that after I get back. She has a doctors appointment up there on Tuesday, so will meet her at the QOV meeting. Not too crazy about going by myself, but I can deal with it. Plus I want to pick some stuff up.

In the meantime - Happy Quilting!

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