Monday, January 25, 2016

Trees are Gone...Looking Good.

Today I started out the day with a walk with Ruth. We had a good walk. Afterwards came home and got some laundry going. I'm still working on the laundry...forgot to keep it

I did go out around the house to take photos of the trees that were being worked on. 

This was one of the trees that got trimmed. 

The second tree was dead so they took it out. So now this one is standing alone. 

We HAD four big trees in this area. 

This is what's left of that area. I do miss it! I loved having the trees there. They were like fence. I knew I had neighbors but they didn't seem that close before. Now it's seeing them RIGHT there. Oh, ll. 

This tree is gone too. This one I don't mind seeing gone. We had cut it down twice before. Wonder how quick this will come back. lol Patrick said he will get some root killer, but don't know how fast he'll do that. It may grow back by the time he thinks of it. 

At least I still have these trees in my front yard. 

And these trees on the other side of the yard. I do love my tree. They really don't look good right now because of the winter. When summer comes it's going to be really pretty. 

I pulled out the ships quilt and worked on it today. I watched another murder mystery on TV and was able to put in a good 2 hours on this. 

Got the sashing, sails, and the white area done. I need to work on the ship and water. Then I can move to the other side. 

Then I took an hour and worked on the cross stitch. It's coming along nicely. I figured if I split my time between the two, I'd get that much farther along. Who knows. I did go downstairs and cut the binding strips for the QOV quilt. I will probably do that on Wednesday when I get home. I am going to Rose's to work on something she has in mind. 

Tomorrow I'm off to the casino with Art. Looking forward to it. Haven't seen him in awhile. I do miss not going over to play cribbage. It will be fun tomorrow. 

I'm hoping to get more done this week. It's another one of those busy weeks. We have our Thursday TAS group and I'm not sure if I will go or not. I've lost a little interest in going lately. Who knows, I'll probably go. Happy Quilting!

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