Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yet...One More Day Away From Home..,,,,,,,,,

Today was another one of those days of getting up early and leaving the house. I took my time. Couldn't figure out what I wanted to take with me to the group meeting. I finally came up with my eagle and Phil's quilt.

On my way to the meeting, I stopped off at McD's to get some ice tea. Then I headed back on the road to Whalen Quilt Works shop. As I was on my way, thinking about today, a car veered into my lane forcing me to go right..thank goodness after half way over she saw me and went back to her lane. I was headed toward a parked car. Took me a few minutes to calm down. I was shaking the rest of the way. Can't believe how many drivers today don't turn their heads to see if someone is next to them but just decide to move over. ugh.

I got to the shop, with my tea in hand along with everything else.....spilled some tea in my bag which had the WHITE background of the eagle! I spilled some on the piece! I run to the sink and ran cold water over it! Then I let is air dry to see if I stained it or not. Thank goodness, I didn't damage my piece!! Panic was there!

I decided to work on Phil's quilt while I was there. I also bought some YLI quilting thread as she still had some made in the USA. It was off white, so I need to find more white. I'll check at Sisters later this week or next. I got most of the block done. I'm really happy with how much I got done.

This morning I remembered I had a "needle minder" with a "scissor fob." So, I went downstairs and pulled it out.

Perfect for my cross stitch. I'm now going to use it instead of keeping it downstairs in a box! I love the way it works! I may have to get a couple more for my other projects.

Speaking of projects, I also wanted to get the black chalk markers for my slimline pencil. She didn't have the black but she did have the pencil with black led. I bought the kit. It was a little cheaper than getting what little led she had. There was only the one with 3 colors and each had about 3 leds. I wasn't too thrilled with that since I had the other led colors. So, I sucked it up and bought the pencil. She's getting more led in later, and will get it then. I spent money on thread...hard to believe how expensive it gets.

I have pictures for the group. Will work on that blog next. Had a great time with the quilters. Mom and dad stopped by on their way home from Vancouver. They went to see my younger brother who flew in from Las Vegas. He'll be back later. My sister-in-law came in yesterday and my nephew is coming in for a couple days and leaving.

I keep moving on...getting stuff done slowly..little by little...and I'm pleased with what I've been getting done. Have a great day! And stay Happy Quilting!!

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