Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Little Bit Of This And That

This morning I woke with a headache. That was 3:45 am! I took pain killers and went back to bed....didn't get any more sleep though. After Patrick got up, I got up. We walked another 2.5 miles. Ruth and I had a good visit and got caught up on her Easter.

Came home and worked on the rest of the letters I didn't get done yesterday. I even got the Avery program to make labels. Word didn't have the labels I needed, so went to there website and was thrilled to find this program. I made labels for both the family reunion and for us. Texted my two brothers and let them know the letters were going out tomorrow. Since our family is putting this on, I got the fun part of putting the letters together.

Once that was done, I went downstairs and pulled out the eagle pieces I started the other day.

I decided to start on the wings.

I am doing the technique I learned on Rebecca Campbell's class. I used the glue stick to get the edges down.

Once that was done, I pinned the top and bottom of the wings together so I can applique them down.

Now both of the wings are ready to be appliqued together. I'm going to work on that - hopefully - tomorrow or Friday. We have quilting at moms on Friday.

After all that was finished, I worked on the registration forms that came in for TAS. I also received an email from P3 Designs say she will send a donation. I received 4 answers out of 6 that I sent out. They are going to help us with donations. I got a call from the gal doing the shops for donations, and she hasn't started yet. She just finished up the letter to take to the shops. I hope we get some help from them, but if not, I at least got some donations coming in. I just wish she would have worked on this in January.

Okay, once all that was done, I tried to get one of my pogo games done. Then I pulled out my Brazilian embroidery - just before supper.

I added two more leaves on it. I wanted to work on this today but got so busy with other stuff that I didn't make it. I'm hoping to get some done tomorrow as well.

We went bowling and it looks like I'm improving over what I was doing. I bowled a 540 series, with a 201 game. I'm getting back to normal..I hope.

Life is good, I'm busy and enjoying what comes along. Best wishes and Happy Quilting!

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